Packaging Design for CBD

Marketing a new product in the CBD industry is a challenge in itself, both for operators and marketers. Not only is each party faced with: blurred regulations when it comes to CBD packaging, carefully crafting the language on the packaging, the methods and channels of advertising, and of course the increasingly competitive nature of the market, it can leave a CBD and cannabis marketer blurred as what the best methods are for establishing a CBD brand.

The demand is certainly there for the expansion of this market, and the landscape of brands and players has yet to be fully fleshed out. According to a recent BigCommerce Article “CBD controls an industry of its own and is on-track to harvest a generous $16.32 billion in the United States by 2026″. That’s motivation enough for many, to create their “Own Line” of CBD based products.

When it comes to branding a CBD company, and developing a marketing strategy for a stable CBD brand, focusing on the product presentation itself from a physical aspect, specifically the packaging design can help bring some key differentiators to the brand name.

People remember unique. Unique Packaging gets attention. Unique packaging is accessible with a little homework and elbow grease. With the flood of new CBD brands, each with their own logo, label, graphic, messaging, and tone, brands need to think outside the box for how to differentiate their product.

Utilizing custom container packaging, like this 30ml Amber Glass packaging from DH Gate, creates a sense of exclusivity, and high-end product. Creating packaging that contains functional components like tamper seals seen at Earth to Mind Hemp Oil , protective boxing helps the consumer feel a sense of safety and quality control, a common concern amongst CBD consumers. SOURCE Extracts LLC is committed to providing wholesale CBD clients with access to professional CBD processing, consulting, and a network of cannabis professionals.

Each interaction we have with clients is based on a long term relationship in mind, and the best results for the consumer and business. Source Extracts bridges gaps in the vertical supply chain through meaningful, transparent relationships with trustworthy organizations. These relationships allow us to design creative solutions that meet the specific needs of our bulk CBD clients.

Great CBD products start at the SOURCE.